Johnson to Unveil 9 Month Plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will on Friday unveil a nine-month plan to get the country back to “near-normal” following the coronavirus pandemic, according to media reports.

While addressing the nation later in the day, the Prime Minister will explain how the UK will revive its economy and reveal his plan for getting workers back to the office, the Metro newspaper reported.

According to a Daily Mail report, his plan includes a 3 billion pound fund to get the National Health Service (NHS) “battle-ready for winter” in case of a second COVID-19 wave.

He will also ditch blanket advice to avoid public transport and work from home, and set out an “aspirational” timetable to lift social distancing measures, the report said.

The Sun newspaper reported that Johnson was also expected to set a new target of 500,000 tests a day to help tackle any flare-ups of the disease.

16/06/2020. London, United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds the Covid-19 Press Conference with Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Professor Peter W Horby, in 10 Downing Street. Picture by Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street.

He is likely to announce plans for “lightning lockdowns” – the fast implementation of measures to halt the spread of the virus in local areas.

Councils are expected to be given powers to shut pubs and cafés without going to Government first, the report added.

Ahead of Johnson’s announcement, a Downing Street spokesman said on Thursday: “Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of the British people, the virus is under control and we have eased restrictions in a cautious, phased way.

“Tomorrow, he will set out a broad package of measures to protect against both a possible second wave, and to ease winter pressures and keep the public safe.”

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