Boris Confirms £300 Million Funding for Hospitals

16/06/2020. London, United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds the Covid-19 Press Conference with Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Professor Peter W Horby, in 10 Downing Street. Picture by Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 300-million-pound (US $392-million) fund for hospitals across England to help them prepare for winter and the risk from further outbreaks of coronavirus.

Around 117 National Health Service (NHS) trusts in the area will share the cash, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday.

Hospitals can use the new fund to expand waiting areas and increase the number of treatment cubicles, helping them boost Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E) capacity by providing additional space, reducing overcrowding and improving infection control measures.

Projects will be completed by the start of next year so hospitals could benefit from the upgrades during the peak winter months, traditionally the busiest time of the year for A&E departments.

Last month, Johnson confirmed almost US $4 billion of funding to the NHS in England to get ready for winter. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will also receive additional funds.

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