Roman Kemp opens up on Struggle with Depression

Roman Kemp opens up on struggle with depression

British Radio Host and television personality Roman Kemp says that he suffered from difficult mental health during teenage and his mother Shirlie played an instrumental role in helping him.

“I have the best parents any kid could ever imagine. I had the best upbringing anyone could ever imagine. I have a safe place that I can call home. I have great friends. But at the age of 15 I suffered majorly with depression,” he told The Times.

Kemp, who will soon host a documentary called “Our Silent Emergency” which talks about male suicides and mental health, revealed that eversince he started battling depression he has been on anti-depressants.

“Since then I’ve taken anti-depressants and that’s just part of my life. I know how dark it can get if ever I come off of those tablets and those kinds of thoughts come into play,” he said.

In the documentary, Kemp also reveals that he suffered from a mental health crisis 18 months ago. He has described how he was sitting on the floor of his house and knew that he had to call his mother and wouldn’t know what would have happened if she was not there to help him.

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