Zoo Plans to Save Endangered Animals

Conservation scientists at the UK’s Chester Zoo have unveiled a plan to save the world’s rarest species from extinction.

World Wildlife Day: VP, PM stress on protection of animals.

Conservationists at the zoo have identified six key targets, including options for future conservation for an additional 150 species, halting or reversing the decline of 200 highly threatened populations of plants and animal species in the wild, and improving landscapes for wildlife totalling 250,000 hectares, Xinhua news agency reported.

At least 5,000 wildlife conservationists will be trained to deliver positive change for wildlife and empower 10 million people to live more sustainably.

On Monday, experts said the plan, which aims to make a contribution to tackling the global extinction crisis by 2031, draws on the zoo’s decades of experience of working with wildlife, both at the zoo and with its field partners in the wild, and its expertise in science and conservation.

World Wildlife Day: VP, PM stress on protection of animals.

“Our zoo has incurred huge losses as a result of the pandemic… However, we’ve always had the most incredible love and support, it’s that support which is navigating us through this crisis,” Jamie Christon, CEO at Chester Zoo, said on Monday.

“It’s why we refuse to relent in our efforts to prevent extinction, we can’t and we won’t; it’s the very reason Chester Zoo exists,” said the CEO.

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