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Today a phone is not just an amenity but a source of showing your interest. Brands have thus instigated numerous phone covers for almost every popular brand these days…writes Puja Gupta.

Photography is a unique hobby that needs some special perception or creativity. There was an era when people used to be all dressed when they had to get their picture clicked at the photo store. While today is the era when we can create a whole new album every day with the pictures captured from the lens of phones. Considering this, every other person is a proud photoholic. If you are also one of them then here is a list by Shivam Soni, Founder and CEO, Beyoung Folks Private Limited, of clothing you must keep in mind before shopping.

What Is The Occasion For?

Well, it’s not just clothes, it’s your choice for an occasion. It is a part of how you make your day special as the more comfortable you are, the more you want to slay in front of the world. So, grab trendy clothes like graphic t-shirts or checkered shirts and show how you are spending your day.

Click a snap in the newly launched Polo T-shirts and show your sporty spirit. Click yourself in the boxers and show how you are spending your home quarantine, or simply get clicked in pajamas to underline your work from home routine.

Want To Show Off Your Precious Phone?

Today a phone is not just an amenity but a source of showing your interest. Brands have thus instigated numerous phone covers for almost every popular brand these days. You can pick chic, cool, sophisticated and sweet mobile covers and go ahead with a mirror selfie. The cover will not just be about your phones protection but will also be a part of your selfie addiction.

If You Love Your Group?

Happy pictures of a group together always turn out to be photogenic. To add a little improvisation to the picture you may shop for Group T-shirts as they are all about showing how much you waited for this hangout and how much you want to live the memories by cherishing the pictures snapped on the other day.

Selfie ANI)

Are You In Love?
Whoof! Some want to keep their love story to themselves while some want to show how madly they are in love. So yes, while going out to shop you may buy yourselves same colour outfits, identical phone covers or also opt for love bands. These little props do huge wonders to your pictures. If none of these fits, you can always opt for couple t-shirts with symbols of love and laughter. Certain brands have a collection solely devoted to those devoted couples. Their range for love birds are something that a couple must show off.

Thinking Of Instagram Reels?

social media

Is Instagram reels your favorite feature these days? Then you should never be short of ideas for making every reel different and unique from one another. For this, you may look out for different locations, situations, dialogues and most importantly different clothing for making it a fine sight for the eye. Instead of the party wear attires that were the need of everyday outings, these comfortable apparels are now being the trend of the season because of the habit of being at home (credits to the lockdown which has locked people in). So, shop for the clothing which will make you the star even when you are at home.

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