UN Considers $8B Aid Fund for Afghanistan

UN pitches paying $6M for security to Taliban unit whose chief is wanted by the FBI

Officials of the United Nations have said that they are busy considering the resumption of the economy in Afghanistan for which the global body will allocate a package of $8 billion, Khaama Press reported.

The amount of money that is supposed to be given to Afghanistan in 2022 will be spent to deliver various services in the war-torn country.

The package is aimed at providing healthy food for children in schools, creating job opportunities, paying off electricity debts of Afghanistan to central Asian countries, and rebuilding governance beyond humanitarian aids in the country, the report said.

UN Secretary General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, said that they do not want to turn to an alternative government in Afghanistan, adding that Afghan people need dignity and hope.

He said that it is important for the international community to support them so that the gains of the past two decades are preserved in Afghanistan, the report added.

The move comes after the UN had estimated that over half of the population of Afghanistan is starving as foreign aid is stalled and people are suffering from vast unemployment.

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