Boris takes a break

Johnson and his wife Carrie are spending a week in Greece. The Greeks have reported seeing him shopping in a supermarket in Nea Makri, a town to east of Athens…reports Asian Lite News

Number 10 Downing Street on Monday said that caretaker Prime Minister will be available from his vacation should any “urgent issues” arise.

Johnson went on a holiday voyage earlier this month despite warnings from lawmakers that the UK’s economy was spiralling into a looming recession due to the uncontrollable inflation and rising cost of living.

The outgoing prime minister, however, went for another break as the race to choose his replacement intensified back home. Johnson and his wife Carrie are spending a week in Greece. The Greeks have reported seeing him shopping in a supermarket in Nea Makri, a town to the east of Athens.

Johnson’s official spokesman on Monday said that the caretaker premier is on leave, and is expected to return this Saturday. He added that Johnson has paid for his own holiday, and should any issues emerge that need his presence or attention, he will be kept informed.

In his absence, two large removal lorries turned up in Downing Street on Monday, fuelling expectations that he is likely to spend little further time in No 10. The prime minister is entitled to take furniture and fittings that he paid for in his refurbishment of his No 11 flat, theoretically including the Lulu Lytle gold wallpaper that was initially funded by a Tory donor.

Brandon Lewis, a senior Conservative MP, defended the prime minister’s decision to take a second holiday, after his first break in Slovenia.

“Even when you are not in the office in Downing Street you are working,” Brandon Lewis, who was Northern Ireland secretary before resigning last month.

However, Johnson’s official spokesman clarified that he would not be doing routine work as he was “on leave” and would only be contacted if there were “urgent decisions” to be taken.

Caretaker Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi had allegedly gone ‘missing’ as mounting pressure befell candidates that are supposed to replace Johnson to rescue the British economy barrelling into a recession as predicted by the Bank of England. MPs urged the candidates to “fill the vacuum” left by the “lame duck Prime Minister” who has been vacationing as Britons struggled to survive the dire cost of living and housing costs crisis.

The top cabinet minister told British press reporters that he had “no clue” where Boris Johnson was. He was previously seen by the MPs at his own wedding party that he threw even when he had officially wedded his wife Carrie Johnson on 29 May last year, 2021.

Johnson’s official spokesman on Monday publicly clarified that he would not be available to do any routine work since he is “on leave.” Although he added that the ousted PM can be contacted if there were “urgent decisions” to be made on his behalf.

Confirming Johnson was on holiday this week, his spokesman told reporters he would “obviously be kept informed on any urgent issues and make decisions particularly those (related to) national security for example”.

He noted deputy prime minister Dominic Raab could deputise for Johnson in any meetings, “but as far as I’m aware there are no such meetings currently scheduled”.

While Johnson’s caretaker role during the period when his successor is being chosen limits his scope for making new policy, he has been accused of heading a zombie government, and of spending his final few weeks in office relaxing.

When not overseas, Johnson has spent time at Chequers, the prime ministerial country retreat, and he and Carrie hosted a belated party for their wedding at the Cotswolds home of the JCB owner Anthony Bamford, a major Conservative donor.

Johnson will soon have a lot more free time after he hands power over to either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak as the next Conservative leader in three weeks.

He was forced to announce his departure from office earlier this summer following dozens of resignations from his government over a slew of scandals.

Truss is currently the favourite to win a summer-long leadership contest set to be decided by approximately 200,000 Conservative party members.

The result will be announced on September 5, with the victor to replace Johnson the following day.

Unveiling Labour’s plan on Monday to help households this winter by stopping any increase in the energy price cap, to be financed in part by a wider windfall tax, Keir Starmer called Johnson a “lame duck”, saying that the hopefuls to succeed him, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, were merely “squabbling” rather than presenting a plan of action.

A Labour spokesperson said: “On the evidence of the last few months it seems to make little difference if the prime minister is in the office or on holiday as he has continually failed to meet the challenge of the Tory cost of living crisis. It’s all just one big party for Boris Johnson while the country struggles to pay their bills.”

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