Unveiling the Beauty of Traditional Craftsmanship: Roohme Chikankari Couture

A magnificent work of art, the Roohme Chikankari outfits capture the spirit of Indian culture and workmanship. These stunning masterpieces by Roohme, a brand committed to conserving and promoting traditional craftsmanship, is sure to enthrall both fashionistas and craft meets heritage lovers. A feature by columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

In the spirit of summer talking with a spotlight on the brand’s Chikankari outfits, it is a testament to Roohme’s dedication to preserving this aspect of rich Indian culture. By working with regional artisans from Lucknow who have a long history of mastering Chikankari embroidery, Roohme protects the integrity of this traditional trade and gives talented artists more opportunities.

Their signature kurti, which is made of high-quality Viscose Georgette fabric, emanates a classic elegance. The great craftsmanship of Mughal hand embroidery is seen in the delicate Chikankari work that is accented with Mukaish details. The garment gains a touch of regal beauty from this fusion of artistic styles, truly elevating it to masterpiece status.

The Roohme Chikankari Blue Ombre Kurti is created with easy elegance to suit a variety of events. This kurti transforms into a picture of style and refinement, whether it’s worn for a casual excursion or a semi-formal occasion. The classic Chikankari style is given a contemporary twist with the ombre effect in blue colors and the round neck and wide sleeves.

The variety of sizes provided by Roohme demonstrates their commitment to inclusion as their couture is for all, it guarantees that wearers of any body shape and size may appreciate the beauty of their garments. Wearing it even all day long is a pleasure because of the fabric’s unmatched comfort.

With Roohme, embrace the fascination of Indian workmanship and let the Chikankari enchantment weave a message of timelessness and national pride into your clothing.

Roohme aims to also spread the Indian craftsmanship around the globe. Fast fashion is taking away the authenticity of designs and the cultural aspects of art forms like chikankari. They work with local artisans from Lucknow, coming from families who have been designing Chikankari for generations even. They aim to bring Lucknow’s age-old hand-embroidered Chikankari to every home. Unique embroideries straight from the traditional weavers, to your doorstep, on pure Georgette and Chiffon is their vision. Great packaging, great designs and colours, great fit and finish … highly recommended!

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