Genesis: Escape Into Origins Of Universe In This Immersive Light Show

This incredible light show has been brought from Marseille, France to Covent Garden, London to mesmerise UK audiences since July 28th 2023 … reports columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International. 

Following a hugely successful stint in Europe in which it sold over 100, 000 tickets, the stunning projected audiovisual experience, GENESIS, arrived in London on 28th July 2023. The experience takes guests on a breathtaking journey to the origin of the universe, immersing them in a 360º spectacle of sound, light and color as they discover the beginnings of history. Tickets can be purchased on the website.

Zurich-based artist collective, Projektil, in collaboration with Fever, the leading platform for entertainment and leisure discovery, brings the experience to the historic and beautiful Swiss Church, London, a building with roots in the 18th century and one of the city’s lesser known architectural gems.

GENESIS takes guests on a four-part journey through the elements of light, water, earth, and plants, representing the first three days of creation of the Universe. The experience lasts approximately 30 minutes and is divided into four scenes: light, earth, plants, and water, all of which are to be experienced while seated on comfy bean bags, as they gaze up in awe at projections that sprawl across the ceiling and walls of the building.  Projektil skilfully employs video mapping, a technique that precisely captures the structure and shape of a three-dimensional space, enveloping the listener-spectator in the ambience. Vivid imagery is intertwined with the moving sound of classical music to fully engage the senses and captivate the viewer.

While immersive art experiences have grown in popularity over recent years, Genesis takes this immersion to another level entirely. The entire ceiling and structural layout of the 18th century Swiss Church have been pain-stakingly measured, calculated and sized to ensure that projections are optimised for the proportions of the building, resulting in a sense of engulfment within imagery and sound designed to completely mesmerise the spectator.

GENESIS invites people from all walks of life, believers and non-believers alike, to step into this escapist oasis in the midst of the city and experience a world in which art, technology and spirituality collide. 

About Projektil

PROJEKTIL is an internationally renowned artist collective from Zurich. Their multidisciplinary team includes visual artists, musicians, programmers, sound engineers and designers. They create contemporary and innovative experiences at the intersection of art and technology and they produce sensory stories from light and passion. With their work, they aim to inspire, arouse curiosity and appeal to all the senses.

About The Swiss Church The ‘Eglise Helvétique’ was founded in 1762 by a group of expatriate Swiss and the first ‘Helvetic Chapel’ was built near Moor Street in Soho in 1775. Funded by contributions from the cities of Geneva and Bern, the church was an integral part of the Swiss community and until 1817, the pastor was even the official issuer of passports to Swiss citizens in London.

About Fever

Fever is the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform which has helped millions of people discover the best experiences in their cities since 2014. With a mission to democratize access to culture and entertainment in real life through its platform, Fever inspires users to enjoy unique local experiences and events, from immersive exhibitions, interactive theatrical experiences, and festivals to molecular cocktail pop-ups, while empowering creators with data and technology to create and expand experiences across the world.


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