Leadership in Action

“Follow your passion, whatever you do put your heart and soul in it. Do not be afraid of failures. But be honest and believe in teamwork. Be nice and humble,” …. Dilip Sinha, Vice President – Middle East & India, nVent and


The respect factor of success

For Dr Jamil Ahmed, founder and MD, Prime Healthcare Group LLC — success doesn’t hinge on money or the size of the organisation, but how much respect one garners. In a freewheeling conversation with Iqbal Azeez, he explains his formula and vision


INDIA&UAE: Two Nations, One Mission

India-UAE trade relations go back centuries when the two countries used to engage in barter trade of pearls and dates. Over the years, the relations have deepened immensely encompassing all sectors. The bilateral relations further strengthened in 1971 when the UAE Federation

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