Human Rights Watch Slams Taliban

Human Rights Watch accused Taliban regime in Afghanistan of breaking promises given to the US administration as part of the Doha peace accord. The rights forum accused Taliban of unleashing terror at Herat Women in Herat told the HRW that their lives


SPECIAL: Afghanistan will Talibanise Pakistan

An ideological movement cannot alter its foundational doctrine without weakening its structure and inviting self-destruction. Tactical variables can at best be marginal and temporary. Corruption of core beliefs and values becomes fodder for those ready to punish deviation. If Afghan women are


UK forum discusses ‘new reality’ of Afghanistan

The expert highlighted challenges like brain drain, and depreciating currency. Moreover, the current caretaker cabinet’s problematic lack of inclusivity, with no Hazaras, Shia or women representatives…reports Asian Lite News. As US and NATO forces concluded military withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years


Top Taliban Ministers on UN Sanctions List

UN Special Representative for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons said Al Qaeda members remain in Afghanistan, visibly welcomed and sheltered by the de facto Taliban authorities, reports Sanjeev Sharma  Many members of the new Taliban cabinet are on the United Nations sanctions list, including

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