How feasible is a EU Army?

It seems that the EU has learnt the lessons of the abrupt end of the US-led mission in Afghanistan, writes Asad Mirza Proposals for a European Union (EU) army have re-emerged after the Afghan fiasco – but many member states still remain

SPD wins most seats beating Merkel bloc in German polls

It marks the end of the dominant role of the conservatives led by Merkel for over a decade in the country’s Bundestag, or the lower house of Parliament…reports Asian Lite News. Germany’s centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) led by incumbent Vice Chancellor


Iceland elects Europe’s first women-majority parliament

In Europe, Sweden and Finland have 47% and 46% women in parliament, respectively. “Iceland is yet again leading the way on gender equality!” the UK ambassador to Iceland, Bryony Mathew, said on Twitter…reports Asian Lite News. Iceland has voted more women than

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