Stiffness of Arteries may Indicate Covid Risk

Assessing the stiffness of the arteries could help identify patients most at risk of dying from Covid-19, new research has revealed. Estimated pulse wave velocity (ePWV) — a readily available marker of aortic stiffening — has been shown to be an effective


Over 34K New COVID Cases Reported

Another 34,574 people in the UK have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in the country to 8,154,306, according to official figures. The country on Sunday also reported another 38 coronavirus-related deaths, Xinhua news agency reported. The

Cannabis and Poor Mental Health show Correlation

Those with a recorded history of cannabis use in general practice records are at a much higher risk of developing mental ill-health problems such as anxiety or depression as well as severe mental illnesses, new research shows. The findings indicated that following

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