Tropical Sun Fuels Ray of Hope

After seeing a video of people queuing for food, Wanis International, one of the UK’s leading imports and Distributors of World Food and Drink, wanted to support the effort of feeding those in need. They are supporting London Community Kitchen at Harrow


Essentials to comfort you in the work space

Safeguard yourself from any virus or infections in this new normal while carrying a piece of home…writes Siddhi Jain. Work space should be treated like a place of divinity. If you worked in an office before the pandemic, chances are you walked


Tips to spend and save smart

Disciplined saving habits do take time and effort to cultivate but once they become ingrained, the benefits are multiple and long-term…writes Siddhi Jain. The pandemic and its subsequent impact on the economy has emphasized the importance of spending wisely. Having a dependable


Must read before you take the jab

Vaccine is safe in patients with hypertension, diabetes, renal failure, and heart disease, among those who have undergone bypass, post-angiography, and those on dialysis…writes Rahul Pandit. Covid 19 and vaccination is still the important topic for people around the world. We have


Easter-inspired getaway to churches

Vallarpadam Church was built by the Portuguese missionaries who came to India to spread the word of God. It is believed to be one of the earliest European churches built in India…writes Siddhi Jain. Every celebration brings happiness and unity among people.

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