Worried about breastfeed in Covid era?

Immediate and continued skin-to-skin care, including kangaroo mother care, maintains the body temperature of new-borns and is associated with improved survival among new-born babies… says Amrita Desai. Covid era is a tough time to all people around the world, especially for moms


Yoga to boost kids’ memory

Asanas like Shavasana, Navasana, Tolasana, Suryanamaskar, Chakrasana helps in strengthening the overall being of kids. It aims to develop both physical health as well as cognitive skills in children…writes Puja Gupta. Over these years Yoga has grown into a tradition and habit


Nutritious choices for kids

Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, or spinach are some vegetables to include in your child’s diet…writes Puja Gupta. Mothers are always worried about nutritional choices for kids. The right food can help you improve your memory, concentration, and brain function. The brain,


Steps to comfort kids in summer

Probably the most important summer tip — more so for Indians baking under the tropical sun. Apply sunscreen early, and often, especially if the children spend time outdoors…writes Siddhi Jain. Proper caring for kids is a tough task for parents in all


Richa narrates ‘Mad Mommas’ for kids

I was curious to know how much of the gender roles had shifted within the family systems during these turbulent times… interacts with Siddhi Jain. Motherhood is at a time the wonderful and stressful period of every woman’s life. But the point