Brown Dwarf Mystery Uncovered

An international team of researchers has identified five objects that have masses near the border separating stars and “brown dwarfs” that could help scientists understand the nature of these mysterious objects. Brown dwarfs are astronomical objects with masses between those of planets


Vaccine Reduces COVID Risk by 3 Fold

Double vaccinated people were three times less likely than unvaccinated people to test positive for the Covid-19 infection, a new research has found. The study led by researchers at the Imperial College London is based on swab tests taken by nearly 98,233

Potential for Life on Clouds of Jupiter

Jupiter’s clouds have water conditions that would allow earth-like life to exist, but this isn’t possible in Venus’ clouds, according to the groundbreaking finding of research led by Queen’s University Belfast scientists. For some decades, space exploration missions have looked for evidence

Scientists make Discovery on Brain Cell

Scientists have discovered that there is a type of brain cell that can track how far we have travelled and remember where things are, which are added to our memory map of the places we have been. The existence of GPS-like brain