Trump Rejects Biden’s Victory

Donald Trump has issued a statement shortly after noon, when he was at his golf course in Virginia, bordering Washington DC…reports Nikhila Natarajan US President Donald Trump put out a one page statement soon after America’s major news networks and newspapers called


Biden Wins The Race; Becomes President-Elect

Biden’s victory comes amidst a most unusual terrain for a presidential election. From coast to coast, mail-in ballots did the star turn for Biden and his VP pick Kamala Harris in an election transformed by the coronavirus pandemic…reports Nikhila Natarajan The moment


US formally comes out of the Paris Agreement

The US has formally left the Paris Agreement, marking the only nation among nearly 200 signatories that abandoned this global agenda on combating climate change. US President Donald Trump announced in June 2017 that his country would leave the Paris Agreement. According

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