‘Midfielder’ Starmer Poised to Rewrite UK History

Starmer and his party want to build a Britain that is forging ahead and not falling behind – one where the economy is secure, and rewards hard work…reports Asian Lite News

Elected to Parliament in 2015 for the first time at the age of 52, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, widely projected to become the next UK Prime Minister after Thursday’s General Elections, has promised to offer the change the country needs.

“Labour will deliver change for Wales and across the United Kingdom. But change will only happen if you vote for it. Vote Labour tomorrow,” he posted on X, a few hours before Britain headed to polls.

Starmer, who takes pride in calling himself a “lifelong” Arsenal fan, has represented people on death row as a human rights lawyer. The Labour Party describes the former Chief Director of Public Prosecutions as a man who has spent his entire career securing justice for those who need it.

Son of a toolmaker, Starmer faced challenging times right from his childhood that was spent in Surrey’s Oxted. His mother, a nurse who worked for the National Health Service (NHS), battled a rare, severe illness for all her life.

“Despite the challenges this presented for Keir, he was hugely influenced by his mother’s courage and determination to live her life despite her illness. It also gave him a deep gratitude for the NHS,” the party says about its leader.

At 18, Starmer began studying law at Leeds University. After becoming a barrister in 1987, he spent a lot of his time providing free legal advice defending ordinary people against the powerful. “He worked on some high-profile cases, taking on fights against the odds with Shell and McDonalds, as well as working with the National Union of Mineworkers to prevent the Tories’ pit closures,” states the Labour Party.

After years of service as Director of Public Prosecutions, which saw him fighting cases for victims of sexual and domestic violence and taking MPs to task for misuse of expenses, Starmer was knighted in 2014 for his services to criminal justice. After entering politics and the British Parliament in 2015, Starmer was elected as leader of the Labour Party in April 2020. Four years later, he is now promising a better future for Britain.

“Our public services are on their knees, hard-working people are not making ends meet, victims of crime are being let down, and that deep British belief, that the next generation will be better off, is at risk,” believes the Labour Party leader.

Starmer and his party want to build a Britain that is forging ahead and not falling behind – one where the economy is secure, and rewards hard work.

“Country before party. Economic stability. NHS waiting times cut. Safer streets. Criminal gangs smashed. 6500 more teachers. Great British Energy. That’s what my Labour government will deliver. Vote for it on Thursday,” says Starmer.

Despite the busy schedule, the leader of the Labour Party has managed to keep his passion for football alive and still plays every Sunday with friends.

“He describes himself as a ‘box-to-box midfield general’, although his teammates may have different views,” states the party.

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