‘Indian Democracy At Crossroads’

Dr. Yashwant Sinha, the former finance minister of India, who has recently joined the Trinamool Congress, engaged in a candid interview with Manish Tiwari, political columnist and a leading multicultural marketing guru based in London. EXTRACTS: MANISH TIWARI: A recent report has termed


Biden backs talks between India and Pakistan

However, the government refrained from commenting on the recent decision of the Pakistani Cabinet not to import sugar, cotton from India, reports Asian Lite News. US State Department spokesperson Ned Price has said that Washington supports direct dialogue between India and Pakistan


Bangladesh and India consolidate ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to be the ‘honoured guest’ on Bangladesh’s 50th Independence Day on 26 March, the day when the marauding Pakistani forces launched Operation Searchlight and allegedly perpetrated the worst form of brutalities and genocide in the