Sadiq for Early School Closure

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to ask all secondary schools and colleges in the UK capital city to close early ahead of the Christmas holidays, the media reported on Monday. In a statement, Khan said that


Can the Tories bring down Johnson?

Never in British politics has a leader’s authority and power vanished so quickly after such a historic triumph. This sort of backbench revolt takes place in the fourth or fifth year or more often in the second term…writes Mihir Bose It is


Why Trump will not go away?

The question is whether Trump’s performance suggests that he has constructed a coalition that he could use in 2024 to win back power or propel another Republican to the White House. Politicians always need a coalition of many interests to win power;


Lord Ahmed Retires From House of Lords

Controversial British Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham leaves his post from the Upper House of British Parliament after a string of controversies. BBC aired an investigative story in 2019 on Lord Ahmed. In the programme, a Kashmiri woman accused the Lord of

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